Adoption Fees

Adoption fees can be made by e-transfer or PayPal.

Red Dog Rescue is not-for-profit.  One hundred percent of adoption fees go directly back to the dogs. They are used to cover the costs incurred in rescuing including but not limited to vetting, transport, and supplies. 


$750 CAD 

11 months and under

Includes core vaccines plus bordatella and microchip. Puppies over 6 months will be spayed/neutered.


$650 CAD

12 months - 7 years

Includes spay/neuter, core vaccines plus bordatella and microchip. 


$550 CAD

8+ years

Includes spay/neuter, core vaccines plus bordatella and microchip. 

Limited Dogs 

Limited dogs are just that - limited. They are the dogs that we receive an abundance of applications for. They may be very similar to a purebred, or perhaps be a non-registered purebred. They are dogs that are in extremely high demand because they are rare to come by or very sought after. For this reason limited dogs as an inflated adoption fee. The increased fee allows us to cover the costs of dogs who need extensive medical care. 

11 months and under 

$850 CAD

1-7 years 

$750 CAD

8+ years

$600 CAD

Girl with her Dog